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Premium House Cladding Designed For Australian Conditions

With classic good looks and guaranteed durability, Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding is Australia’s ultimate wall cladding for home building, construction, renovations, extensions, and additions, available exclusively through Austech External Building Products.

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7 Reasons: . ...

Duratuff Select’s new generation of vinyl wall cladding and vinyl weatherboards offer rich colours with authentic wood grain textures for a more beautiful home. A wide variety of exciting colours and innovative designs means you can enjoy the look of real painted timber for years to come without any of the hassle.

7 Reasons to Install Duratuff Select Vinyl Wall Cladding

  1. Sustains a comfortable temperature in summer
  2. Retains heat in the winter months
  3. Blocks out surrounding noises
  4. Washing down with warm soapy water occasionally is all that is needed
  5. Save money on electricity bills
  6. Environmentally-friendly product (download document)
  7. Tested against all weather conditions – will not crack, warp, rot, or peel!

Premium House Cladding Designed For Australian Conditions

With classic good looks and guaranteed durability, Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding is Australia’s ultimate wall cladding for home building, construction, renovations, extensions, and additions, available exclusively through Austech External Building Products.

Eye-Catching Exterior Cladding

Duratuff Select’s new generation of vinyl wall cladding offers rich modern colours with wood grain textures to turn a house into a home. Exterior cladding that never needs painting means you can enjoy the look of real timber for years, with none of the maintenance.

Performance Guaranteed Vinyl Cladding

Engineered to the toughest conditions and built to withstand driving rain, wild winds and extreme heat, Duratuff select is exterior cladding that protects your family and your investment. With a unique 180 wind lock system, all of the cladding panels are securely engaged while still allowing expansion and contraction, which is critical to withstand weather extremes.

House Cladding with a 50 Year Warranty

Duratuff select vinyl wall cladding is built to last, we are so confident in this that we offer a 50-year warranty. All Austech wall cladding is extensively tested so we know it won’t rot, peel, dent, split or crack.

Eco-Friendly Exterior Cladding

Vinyl cladding comes with fully protected, CFC free, solid foam insulation built onto the individual weatherboards. Insulated wall cladding protects your family and the environment by literally wrapping your house in isolation. Duratuff select vinyl wall cladding aims to improve your homes energy efficiency and improve your comfort.

DIY Cladding

Vinyl Cladding is designed to be easy to install. Austech can provide you with a DIY manual or we can recommend someone from our Australia wide list of installers to give you a quality installation job that will look good for years and years


Portsmouth Shingles siding makes homeowners sigh, “gotta have it”—if they could sigh while saying that. It combines jaw-droppingly beautiful form and function, plus real colour, texture and shape options. Your customers will end up with siding that eliminates maintenance and stops traffic and a home exterior with depth and emotion. Yup, we used “exterior,” “depth” and “emotion” in the same sentence.

Color, texture, depth, emotion, form and function all come together in Portsmouth Shake & Shingles Siding. Richly realized in warm cedar, rustic hand-split shake and charming, elegant half round accents. Portsmouth brings drama and dimension to home exteriors Austech’s classically beautiful Portsmouth cedar-look shingles can be used in combination with various other design elements to bring depth, emotion, colour, texture and shape to where there was none. Featuring an expanded colour palette that is UV resistant and a unique profile while staying true to the look and feel of traditional cedar shingles.

Moving curb appeal in a different direction. In a starring role or as a complementary accompaniment, our Board & Batten Siding makes the most of its vertical profile to add dimension and character to any home style. Change-of-pace magnetism is even better when it lasts. Board & Batten is reinforced by rugged weather resistance, long-term durability and year after year of low maintenance.
Our Board & Batten Siding has a vertical pattern that’s warm, versatile and distinguished. While it conveys a strong and clean rustic vibe as the main siding attraction, it’s equally powerful as a contemporary accent. Rich colour choices, strong durability and no-worry maintenance only add to its curb appeal and overall charm.

  • Robust .046″ panel, with Colorscapes® Dark colours increased to .050″ for advanced performance
  • Distinctive, trending vertical profile • Can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 170 mph
  • Low-gloss finish that replicates the look of real cedar
  • Classic, seamless appearanc
  • Manufactured from recyclable materials
  • Rivals cedar in overall green performance
  • Environmental impact of fibre cement
Guaranteed Durability

Designed and tested to be durable and low maintenance, Perfect Shutters offer the beauty of an authentic wood grain finish without the problems of peeling, cracking or warping. Non-corrodible colour-coordinated shutter locks make Perfect Shutters easier to install while holding more securely to your surface. Occasional hosing down with water (and mild dish soap as an option) maintains the lustre of Perfect Shutters and keeps your home looking great.
Perfect Shutters also come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer for your peace of mind.

Please check availabilities of cladding colours with the salesperson.
Board & Batten
Royal Vent

Documentations and Resources

Austech gives you access to a tremendous amount of technical data and videos to help you through your DIY projects and product selection. Please click resources.
Shutters can be sized to custom fit your doors and windows, or purchased in standards sizes:

635mm, 785mm, 910mm, 985mm, 1095mm, 1220mm, 1320mm,
1400mm, 1525mm, 1630mm, 1710mm, 1835mm, 2010mm.

Perfect Shutters come in a standard width of 365mm.

Choice and Versatility

Choose from the best with a wide range of styles and colours to suit every home or business. Perfect Shutters can be installed on all types of surfaces and add value and kerb appeal to any property.

Available in White, Grey, Cimarron, Sage, Green, Colonial Blue, Bedford Blue, Brick Red, Sienna Brown and Black. If we don’t have a colour that suits we also sell shutters ready to be painted your choice of colour.

Email us with your project plans, so we can guide you through our collection of technical data, scientific journals and manuals.
We will send you a link to download all the files you need. 
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